Creating The Authentic Self At Work | Queer Tech MTL Event

We’re excited to announce that we’re hosting Queer Tech MTL on January 18, 2017. The topic this month is truly inspiring: Creating The Authentic Self At Work. Join us at our office for some networking, drinks and snacks. We also have three guest speakers that will be sharing personal stories, best practices and tips on how to be yourself in the workplace.
If you’re based in Montreal, please sign up to the event through Meetup or Facebook.

Join us for the Queer Tech MTL event at Keatext

Can’t wait until the event to learn more about the concepts and issues? Check out this great podcast about LGBT+ issues at work:

Listening to the podcast made me realize how complex a topic we’re tackling. Being authentic at work is beneficial for employee happiness and productivity, but unfortunately not all companies have managed to create the right environment for this. Legal protection also doesn’t guarantee an inclusive workplace, the culture needs to be right. Stephen Frost, the diversity expert that took part in the podcast comments: “Here’s the uncomfortable truth: as human beings, we prefer sameness to difference. If we don’t consciously include, we will unconsciously exclude”.


Through this event we want to raise awareness, facilitate honest conversations and nurture our local tech LGBT+ community. Being a startup ourselves, we want to get this right from the beginning. We are lucky to have guidance from a partner like QueerTechMTL. They are a local community group for people that self-identify as LGBT+ and their supporters. Queer tech also provide networking, support, training, mentoring, and advocacy for the tech startup community. Connect to them via Twitter to stay up to date with their future events.


Hope to see you there!

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