Front & Back-End Software Developer

KEATEXT is a cloud-based customer feedback analysis tool that uses machine learning and natural language processing. We have developed our own pretty cool active learning algorithms and IP. The technologies that we develop range from natural language processing, machine learning, data visualization and more.

Based in: Montreal

About the role

Keatext is looking for a developer who’s excited about expanding their knowledge of Scala or React.js as well as other technologies and languages. One thing we all have in common is a drive to learn and grow, and we welcome suggestions on how to make our technology even better!

Our core product is an ensemble of micro-services written in Scala and node.js with a React frontend. We also have a key component of our product that is built on UIMA Java framework

We use PostgreSQL and MongoDB for our storage, though we’re starting to migrate to other services like Amazon’s DynamoDB and Redshift. Our infrastructure runs entirely within Amazon Web Services and we make use of many of their services (DynamoDB, Elasticache, RDS, Lambda, etc.)

Most of our services are deployed as Docker containers using Marathon/Mesos but we recently started using AWS Lambda functions

We follow service-oriented architecture principles and we roll-out enhancements and new features in a continuous manner

Why you are the perfect fit

  • A versatile developer
  • Autonomous “get-the-job-done” type but also a team player
  • You believe in working smart
  • You eat up knowledge for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • You’re a clear and efficient communicator
  • You like to express and share your ideas and ask questions (even if they seem crazy and “out there”)!

About the company

We work hard but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Our office environment is cooperative & everyone brings something fun and exciting to the table. We also believe in good food and beer, and we eat lunch together every Thursday and often go out for 5 a 7’s on Friday afternoons.

Work benefits:

  • A competitive salary with opportunity for advancement
  • Health coverage
  • Flexible work hours (not your rigid 9-5 schedule)
  • Located in the heart of the Mile-End and easily accessible by Montreal public transport (metro and bus)
  • Office closed from Christmas to New Years
Think you would kick ass at this role? Great! We want to hear from you.
Drop us an email at with your CV and cover letter.