Bad customer service: There’s a hashtag for that

The social customer is more present than ever before—all thanks to the accessibility of a multitude of customer feedback channels. Social customers are empowered, and they freely express and share their sentiments, issues and experiences with companies via social media. But above all, when the social customer has a bad customer service experience, they will let us know almost instantly, and they expect us to resolve their issues (like, yesterday).

Twitter, is one of the most widely used social media channels by customers to air their feelings about their sub-par customer service interactions. There’s even a hashtag (#terribleservice) that was created to label these conversations and make them easily searchable.

Here’s an excerpt of real consumers sharing their bad customer service experiences:


Yikes. Evidently, stories of bad customer service like these can really hurt your brand image and reputation. Knowing there are hundreds of neglected comments like the ones above, can we really say we’re listening to the voice of our customers?

Take action: Resolving bad customer service

The good news is, we can start taking action to right customer wrongs immediately. Here are a few tips to help you show customers their feedback isn’t being ignored:

Acknowledge customer comments in real-time: Look, no one wants to talk to a bot so sending automated responses, albeit time-saving, might not always be the way to go.

Case and point, this rather frustrated customer:


Sometimes a personalized message can be the difference between a customer being satisfied with your apology and them defecting to your competition. Remember: feedback = feelings.

If you want more tips on how to create engaging conversations with your customers then you should check out a recent blog plost I wrote on “getting back to the basics” of good customer service.

Share your thoughts with our readers: How do you manage bad customer service complaints?

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