Feedback survey tools that your customers will love

Why nobody cares about your feedback survey tools

Alright listen up everyone. We need to talk about the S-word. I’m talking about surveys (what were you thinking?). Let’s face it, most of us hate taking surveys. They’re long, annoying to fill out and generally unclear about their purpose. Naturally, our customers must feel the exact same way. Even a quick search on Quora fully supports this argument for crappy feedback survey tools (which is comical in itself since Quora is a survey-type forum).

But I digress…

The reality is that wether you’re re-branding, starting a new venture, or testing a new product line, your business needs customer feedback to survive. When done right, feedback survey tools are extremely valuable for identifying critical issues, suggestions for product improvements and can even help improve your team’s performance.  

It’s time to start creating surveys that customers will actually take the time to answer. Surveys that make customers feel like their feedback is part of something bigger and more awesome (your company, of course)!

4 Feedback Survey Tools That Get Results

Here are my top picks for feedback survey tools to help you boost your response rates and revive customer engagement. I included each tool’s explainer videos to help you get a quick overview (because I know you’re uber busy).

1. SurveyMonkey:  If you don’t know about SurveyMonkey, then you my friend have been living under a rock. These guys have dominated the survey feedback space for awhile. It’s plain to see why, they’ve designed an easy to use platform that is perfect for running surveys with maximum flexibility.  Just ask the millions of people who use it everyday.

2. GetFeedback: Not only are their survey tools super intuitive and mobile-friendly, they’re pretty darn sexy, too. The team really understands the importance of survey branding and they pride themselves on creating a great experience for the end-user.

3. TypeForm: Remember when I said most people hate taking surveys? Well, the team at Typeform is re-imaging the way we think about online forms and questionnaires. Customers love Typeform because it’s simple, intuitive, and (gasp) fun to interact with.

4. SurveyGizmo: This online survey software tool truly embodies the meaning of easy-to-use. It’s the perfect tool for designing online surveys and supports a variety of online data collection methods including online surveys, online quizzes, questionnaires, web forms, and landing pages.
 5. Omniconvert: This cool survey app can help you optimize your conversion rate. Omniconvert wants to help non-technical marketers around the world convert their traffic into bottom-line results. Main features include surveys, A/B testing and more!

I know what you’re thinking: “Catherine, there’s are a ton of great feedback survey tools out there that you didn’t mention!”

So here’s your chance to put the spotlight on your favourite feedback survey tools! Please leave a comment below or contact me directly and I’ll do my best to add your suggestion to the list.

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