How To Build Better Software Products Using Text Analytics

Using text analytics to build better software products

Great software companies know what it’s like to hustle. They understand that success is not built overnight. It takes time and involves building, testing, rebuilding and testing again. Great software companies listen to their users, and adapt accordingly. They open up the lines and encourage feedback from their customers across various channels: email, live chat apps, help desk tools, by phone and via surveys, etc.

Putting customer feedback to work for your products

Is your software team capturing customer feedback? More importantly, is that feedback being put to good use? Insights from customers are extremely valuable not only for developing new features but also to help you build better software products overall. Today most of the feedback software companies capture is unstructured, that is, it’s expressed in free-form text and difficult to interpret.

What if I told you that in just a few clicks, you could visualize what customers are saying, so you could leverage that information to fix issues, prioritize investments and keep customers over the moon happy? In our latest ebook we show you how to analyze your unstructured customer feedback, turn them into insights and align them with your organizational priorities.

Here’s what we discovered when we analyzed over 1,800 software reviews:




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