11 Channels For Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Measuring Customer Satisfaction Starts With Feedback


  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): The Net Promoter Score is a commonly used index for measuring customer satisfaction on a scale from -100 to 100. It essentially represents the likelihood that a customer will recommend your products or services in the future.


Measuring customer satisfaction via the net promoter score

Net Promoter For Measuring Customer Satisfaction


  • Surveys: Survey tools like SurveyMonkey are one the best ways to obtain qualitative insights from your customers about their experience with your products and services. More specifically, open-ended survey question enable respondent to freely elaborate on their responses. As a result, these types of responses lead to richer insights about product and service trends, opinions, ideas and issues. Check out these top customer feedback survey tools.



  • Help desk: There is a wealth of insight hiding out in your support tickets, and customer cases. Most of this feedback is likely to be unstructured, but analyzing it will help you measure the impact of your customer service activities on customer satisfaction: staff performance, call resolution and response times, etc. Read our latest blog to learn the benefits of text mining for support teams.


support tickets for meausring customer satisfaction

Pro Tip: Analyze Zendesk Comments When Measuring Customer Satisfaction


  • Your Sales team: This is one of sources of customer feedback that I believe companies most often overlook. Think about it, your sales team is out on the front lines every day interacting with potential and current customers. As a best practices you should consult the comments that sales team associated with customer calls and contracts. From there you can measure customer satisfaction, and more importantly customer retention (i.e the likelihood that they will renew, etc).



  • Emails: There are two types of email you should be using while measuring customer satisfaction: Those sent from customers, in addition to emails sent internally between teams. There is a tremendous amount of unstructured customer feedback buried in emails between product managers, sales, development, marketing teams and executives.


How to measure customer satisfaction

Pro Tip: Consult Email Exchanges When Measuring Customer Satisfaction


  • Online product reviews: Let’s face it. sometimes negative consumer reviews can be really hard to stomach. In addition, frequent complaints can have serious effects on customer satisfaction levels and overall brand reputation. There is however, a silver lining in all of it – you’re gaining exclusive insight about your product offerings – and are given a new opportunity to remedy low customer satisfaction scores.



  • Social media: By now I think most organizations know the influential power social media has on consumer brand perceptions. Regardless, many companies still ignore this customer feedback, or are painfully slow to respond to urgent customer issues. Elevating and prioritizing customer service from public social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will communicate to customers that you care and consequently improve customer satisfaction.


measuring customer satisfaction with twitter

Pro Tip: Check Out The #TerribleService Hashtag On Twitter To Measure Customer Satisfastion


  • Live chats: Similar to feedback portals, live chat applications embedded in your app or website enable you to resolve customer issues and answer questions in real-time. Consider metrics such as chat response time and request frequency when measuring customer satisfaction.



  • Customer focus groups: Although this might seem like a rather old school method, many companies are still conducting live focus groups with potential, current and even past customers. Despite the wealth of technology available for collecting customer feedback, customer focus groups still remain an important way to measure customer satisfaction.



  • Call-center transcripts: You’ve invested so much time in setting up a call center and putting together a stellar customer service team, so why stop there? All that feedback that is captured over the phone should be recorded and then analyzed for patterns, emerging issues or indicators of poor customer service.


Best way to measure customer satisfaction

Pro Tip: Dig Through Recent Customer Call Details When Measuring Customer Satisfaction


  • Website feedback portals: By adding a feedback form or portal to your website, you’ll be able to capture real-time feedback from the people who know your products inside and out – your audience. The insight gathered from this channel will provide you with direct information of how many product requests, issues, ideas and suggestions have been submitted, and whether or not that feedback was successfully addressed and acted on.



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