Customer-centric mindset: Focus on customer success

Adopting a customer-centric mindset

To ensure the long term success of any product or service organization, you need to adopt a customer-centric approach. This means delighting your customers every chance you get. This can only be accomplished by forming close relationships of trust and mutual benefit.

Customer-centric titles like Customer Success have become very popular in organizations, especially in SaaS businesses. At first, I saw the title as a more inviting twist on Sales and Business Development titles in order to improve engagement rates. But in fact, customer success is very descriptive of what the business development team’s goals should be.

If you are selling to an end user, your offering needs to enable them, provide efficiencies and essentially make them look good in front of their superiors.

If you are selling to executives, the goal is to realize these efficiencies and optimizations in the organization’s overall metrics. What are their short, mid and long-term goals and how does your solution fit in with them?

Manage the relationship accordingly. A new client is just as easily lost. Make sure you nurture your customer base as much as you do your funnel even if you don’t immediately realize the ROI.

I plan on selling B2B tech for another 30 years so this customer-centric mindset is a win win for both my customers and I.

Jay is the Director of Customer Success for Keatext and the author of Jay’s Blog, which explores the intersection between Life, Sales, and Marketing.


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