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Getting insights from your data isn’t easy: The case for customer feedback analytics

Customer feedback analytics is an integral activity for a successful customer experience strategy.
From online and telephone surveys to written comment forms, focus groups and support tickets, companies have employed a range of techniques to listen to their customers. But while customer feedback survey data does create competitive advantage, the advantage doesn’t come from merely collecting the data, it’s how you act on feedback that really makes the difference.

Let’s look at the challenges in analyzing customer feedback:

  • It’s unstructured
  • There’s large volumes of it
  • It’s time-consuming
  • It’s a manual process

Despite these challenges, one of the biggest reasons feedback goes unanalyzed is simply because companies do not have the right tools.

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Compare different customer feedback analysis solutions

There are several different types of solution for generating customer insights from unstructured feedback. Here are the main types, with the important points to consider when evaluating and comparing each solution. It’s important to select one that is right for your business, and that will give you the insights to focus your efforts on improving your business.

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