Free Webinar: Building Text Analytics Into Your VOC Strategy

Host:  Jay Filiatrault (Customer Success Director, Keatext)

Date: Thursday,  March 3rd , 2016

Time:  2:00 pm EST

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost:  FREE 

Missed the webinar? Don’t worry we’ll send you a link to the recording!


The main goal of an effective voice of customer program is to find ways to keep your customers happy, and undeniably loyal to your brand. As a marketer or customer experience professional, It’s vital to tune in, across multiple channels, to customer conversations and uncover exactly what’s being said about your company’s products and services.

 But listening is only half the process: Once you’ve successfully collected all that feedback, what do you do with it?

The majority of customer feedback is unstructured and is therefore difficult be easily analyzed or manipulated in a traditional database. Consequently, analyzing all of these customer comments can be very difficult if you do not have the appropriate text mining tools to quickly process and analyze it all.

Join host Jay Filiatrault (Customer Success Director, Keatext) for this 30 minute webinar as he introduces SIFT, and shares some of his best practices for successfully integrating text analytics into an existing voice of the customer (VOC) program.

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