Improve Brand Reputation With Text Analytics [ebook]

Improve brand reputation and increase customer loyalty

If you’re like any other business in the hospitality, travel, software or retail space, then you’re concerned with your brand’s reputation. Capturing, listening and analyzing customer feedback is an important part of any brand strategy. It is especially important for B2C businesses, where maintaining brand reputation is essential to building customer loyalty, and profitability. But it goes beyond simply deriving insights from customer feedback. In order to improve brand reputation, you need to use these insights and turn them into improvements you can act on to create a better customer experience for customers.

Improve brand reputation with Keatext

More and more customers are sharing unstructured customer feedback through the forms of written hotel reviews,  open-ended survey responses and emails. Despite the difficulty involved in analyzing it, unstructured customer feedback often holds rich information that points to customer sentiment, tone, emotion, and motivation. We simply cannot ignore it. Text analytics tools, like Keatext, were specifically designed to help you read through and make sense of unstructured feedback.

To demonstrate how the analysis of unstructured customer feedback can provide actionable information about brand reputation, we used Keatext to process over 12,000 spontaneous hotel reviews. In a matter of minutes, we were able to reveal key insights related to guest satisfaction. From here, we could understand which insights were most likely to improve brand reputation and make recommendations as to what hospitality businesses should be focusing on improving. (Spoiler alert: It isn’t always complaints about the room).

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Keatext is a powerful customer feedback analysis app that aggregates your customer verbatim and guest feedback into actionable findings so you can improve brand reputation and increase customer loyalty. Learn more or come check us out on Twitter @Keatextai



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