Product feedback: A key source of business insight

Product feedback and other sources of unstructured data

The product feedback you collect from your customers is a goldmine of information on how well you’re serving their needs. More specifically, product reviews provide you with specific details you can leverage to make actionable improvements. The more product reviews you have, the better you can discern trends, and the more accurate they’re likely to be.

But getting a handle on product feedback, isn’t always easy. In fact, a study conducted by Bluewolf confirms this: 78% businesses believe that data manipulation & analysis are the biggest barriers to deriving insights from their CRM platforms.

To show you the power of your unstructured product feedback, we analyzed over 1,800 software product reviews. In a matter of seconds, we were able to get a deeper understanding what matters most to your customers, and more importantly we were able to connect that feedback to structured data. Marrying unstructured data with structured data allowed us to more confidently align customer needs with business goals and metrics.

See for yourself what we discovered from these product reviews:



Alternatively, upload your own customer comments to today and find out what you’ve been missing.


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