[Ebook] Using Text Analytics To Uncover Operational Issues

Using Text Analytics To Check Your Operational Pulse

The feedback you collect from your customers is filled with indicative information about how satisfied they are with your brand, products and services. Text analytics tools like our, give you a quick snapshot into several interconnected factors of your operations: property locations, staff performance, etc. In the end, the more data you have to discern urgent issues, patterns, and trends the better handle you’ll get on your overall operational activities.

We used Keatext to analyze over 12,000 hotel comments, complaints and overall reviews of guest experiences. In a matter of minutes, we were able to reveal how operational issues like poor staff attitude, unhelpful service, and long wait times impacted guest satisfaction.




Keatext is a powerful customer feedback analysis app that aggregates your customer verbatim and guest feedback into actionable findings so you can improve brand reputation and increase customer loyalty. Learn more www.keatext.ai or come check us out on Twitter @Keatextai


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