The Keatext Salesforce® Connector

Keatext and Salesforce® are making it super simple to analyze unstructured sources of customer feedback by giving users access to the data they need, when they need it.

The Keatext Salesforce® connector allows you to configure and analyze all of your Salesforce® objects in Keatext. Once you have connected to the Salesforce® database, Keatext keeps that connection in real-time. That means you won’t have to keep uploading new data everytime you want to perform a new analysis. It’s really awesome and saves you a ton of time. 

the Salesforce AppExchange.

Once you’ve activated the Salesforce® integration in Keatext, we automatically generate an API key that you can use to authenticate the Salesforce® REST API. 



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Often times, customer cases are related to other items in Salesforce®. The Keatext Salesforce® connector allows you to pull any referenced information and include it in your analysis. Simply install a component from which you can then select which objects you’d like to sync with Keatext. 

You can then start tuning things to the way you work by selecting how often you’d like to receive new data. 

One of the great things about Salesforce® is its data structure, allowing you to reference between any related objects. From there you can bring back any data points into Keatext. It doesn’t matter if the object is a native SFDC object (emails, live chats, call logs, customer cases) or custom objects like GetFeedback responses, Zendesk logs, or form submissions, you have access to all of it.

To summarize, with the Keatext Salesforce® Connector you get:

  1. Native integration
  2. Easy reporting
  3. Easy importing through the numerous integrations available with SFDC
  4. Automated synchronisation
  5. Access to all referenced structured information contained in SFDC (tie comments back to contacts, accounts, opportunities, and pull fields from these objects as supplemental information to your dataset)
  6. Automated workflows that can be triggered by customer touch points

Learn how to configure the Keatext and Salesforce® connector.

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