Are you ready for Black Friday 2020?

Uncertainty is brewing around a digital shopping season this year. Brands need to know what to expect from customers on Black Friday - and beyond.

Keatext is your solution to a successful Black Friday. By analyzing your customer feedback, you'll be able to resolve issues early and learn what your customers want in time for the biggest shopping weekend of 2020.

How our text analytics platform works

Image of Collect your data from multiple channels

Process feedback

Upload unstructured feedback from any source and Keatext automatically identifies topics, opinions, and sentiments.


Control data views

Advanced filtering, dashboard sharing, and data exporting enable you to do what you want with your data.

Progress tracking Illustration

Discover insights

Find trends in your feedback to understand the customer journey and achieve your organization's goals.


Get ready to ace Black Friday


    All your feedback in one place

    Gather together your reviews, surveys, support tickets, and call centre logs. Get a global view of the feedback customers are leaving or drill down by channel.


    Resolve customer issues early

    Identify topics in your feedback that are associated with negative sentiments and address issues before Black Friday arrives. Then, do it again for Christmas.


    Find what worked on Black Friday

    After Black Friday, analyze the positive sentiments in customer feedback to identify what led to customer success and build a data-driven strategy for Christmas.

Ready to try Keatext for Black Friday?

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