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The potential for chatbots may be never-ending, but they all begin with a desire to improve customer experience. So when a chatbot failsand let's face it, they dobusiness opportunities are missed and customer expectations are damaged, sometimes irrevocably. With Keatext for Chatbot, we can:

  • Automate the categorization of problems and issues discussed with a customer in a chatbot log
  • Maintain online reputation management
  • Identify up-sell opportunities
  • Drastically improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Create seamless multi-channel customer experiences
  • Reduce costs by implementing automated integration to "feed" chatbots new categorizations (we do not require pre-categorization or manual verbatim creation)

AI text analytics for customer satisfaction improvement

Keatext plays a pivotal role in the chatbot accuracy improvement cycle. By automatically interpreting, categorizing, and grouping customer themes using insight-oriented AI text analytics, Keatext can correctly detect more than 80% of the categories a chatbot had failed to detect. Additional Keatext features:

Customer Experience Management Illustration

Sentiment analysis

Keatext summarizes and categorizes consumer reviews into Praise, Problems, Suggestions and Questions.

Trend detection Illustration

Trend detection

Keatext identifies positive or negative trends within your customers’ reviews and alerts you to unusual feedback.

VoE and VoC Product Management Illustration

Customer Experience Management

Keatext uncovers key insights that will allow you to identify, nurture and sustain rich, rewarding customer experiences.

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