Your customers have spoken. Take the call.

From live chats to support tickets, your agents are talking to customers every day. These conversations have a wealth of information on customer behavior and the success of your agents.

Keatext allows you to find insights in conversational data to assess agent performance, optimize costs, and understand purchase decisions.

Why Keatext?


    Understand purchase decisions

    Isolate conversations that ended in a transaction to improve agents' conversation rates.

    Keatext's filters help you view positive sentiments associated with transactions.


    Assess agent performance

    Find out what your agents excel at and identify training opportunities to make their service even better.

    Keatext allows you to filter and view negative sentiments for particular agents.


    Manage support tickets

    Identify issues that customers are complaining about in order to prioritize them and improve time to resolution.

    Keatext's dashboard shows you top complaint topics and opinions.

Ready to improve your contact centre?

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