Your most impactful CX improvements start here.

Easily build a 360-degree view of your customer feedback to understand what drives NPS in surveys, star ratings in reviews, or problems in support tickets. All in one platform!

Zero in on opportunities to increase ROI.


    AI-based recommendations

    Keatext provides you with the top 5 critical areas for business improvement. It saves you major time, ensures ROI, and gives you a straight and strategic line to taking your most impactful action.

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Increase in CSAT score

"Helping our customers make real-time purchase decisions has increased conversion rates by as much as 40%."

"If you don't have a VOC influencing every corner of your company, Keatext is a brilliant place to start."

Chris Gast
VP of CX

Get started - and get insights - instantly.


    Customizable dashboards

    Keatext analyzes thousands of comments in minutes with no training required. Integrate Keatext with apps you already use and improve your team’s responsiveness with easy-to-build reports.

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Reduction in analysis time

"Instead of 8 hours to parse the details of 6000 reviews, it takes me 10 minutes using Keatext."

"Adding insights from data analysis to our reports really shows that feedback’s value to a brand."

Alisha Manion
Account Manager

Fully automate your feedback analysis.


    Sentiment and intent analysis

    Keatext identifies sentiment and intent and automatically groups similar topics to make your insights easy to navigate. Instantly capture customer objections and see what customers are saying in their own words.

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Increase in efficiency

"Through Keatext, profitability has gone up and deal flow has increased. It’s been super easy to deploy and use."

"The moment I tried Keatext, I was hooked. I immediately knew that this was the solution for Aspire."

Chris McNiven

We've analyzed millions of comments for our clients:


Spotlight: Our integrations

Prioritize support tickets in real time

Automate conversational text analysis and enhance CRM processes by easily connecting Zendesk with Keatext.

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Analyze survey responses at scale

Expand your survey horizons with qualitative data analysis powered by Keatext’s Surveymonkey integration.

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