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Keatext delivers comprehensive dashboards and driver insights for large volumes of customer or employee feedback.

Our AI-driven text and sentiment analysis gives you the instant clarity you need to adapt to changes right now.

Keatext is:

  • Flexible - to meet your unique business needs
  • Easy to use - to help you achieve your objectives
  • Fast - to enable you to take action when it matters most

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Automating the customer feedback loop with text analytics

Image of Collect your data from multiple channels

Effortlessly collect data

Keatext seamlessly integrates with CRMs, helpdesks, and review platforms with no manual setup.


Visualize rich insights

Keatext enables you to create custom dashboards and easy reporting that's right for your business.


Take immediate action

Get alerts for negative feedback and find opportunities for customer success.


Our platform's top features

Multichannel analysis

Get a holistic view of your data collected from online reviews, surveys, emails, and help desk tickets.

Opinion and sentiment analysis

Easily navigate the praises, problems, suggestions, questions, and mentions in your data that Keatext automatically categorizes.

Trend detection

Get alerts for positive or negative trends for specific issues or themes identified by our platform.

Plug and play platform

Our platform is up and running in minutes with no setup or maintenance required.

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