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How our text analytics works

Image of Collect your data from multiple channels

Upload or connect data

Upload your feedback data like reviews, surveys, or support tickets - even in different languages. Or connect Keatext directly to Zendesk, Intercom, and 400+ other platforms.


Explore analytics

Access dashboards, advanced filters, and powerful statistics that use your metadata to help you uncover trends. Dive right into your data’s sentiments, topics, opinions, and more.


Discover insights

Find insights based on your KPIs that guide business decisions. Export your analytics and share dashboards to ensure your insights make waves across your company.


Keatext's top features


View top insights in your data based on the KPIs you want to highlight.

Sentiment analysis

Dive into the sentiments, topics, and opinions in your data.


Build powerful grids and charts right within Keatext for advanced data visualization.

Trend detection

Compare date ranges in your data to uncover customer trends over time.

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