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Keatext helps you instantly process your unstructured feedback, dive into the data, and find key insights right away.

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Our text analytics enables you to:

Image of Collect your data from multiple channels

Upload your feedback from wherever it is

  • Product reviews
  • Surveys you've conducted
  • Tickets from your help desk
  • Transcripts from call centres


Dive into rich, automatic insights backed by AI

  • Advanced data filtering
  • Comprehensive dashboards
  • Export capabilities for further exploration


Act on results quickly and effectively

  • Identify key trends in your data
  • Share dashboards with teams
  • Understand how feedback impacts your business


Our platform's top features

Multichannel analysis

Upload and get a global view on your feedback data from reviews, emails, surveys, help desk tickets, and call centre logs.

Opinion and sentiment analysis

Instantly access the Praises, Problems, Suggestions, Questions, and Mentions in your feedback with accurate data categorization.

Advanced data filtering

Control and segment your data view with custom filters based on your metadata categories and relevant keywords.

Trend detection

Identify positive and negative trends for specific issues or themes identified by Keatext.

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