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What is Keatext?

Keatext is an AI text analytics platform that analyzes large volumes of feedback data from multiple channels, such as open ended surveys, review sites or social media.


  • Our team will upload your data to the platform
  • We will explain how to use it
  • You will get free access to the platform for 4 weeks
  • You will be able to download and keep your reports

How do you get your free project?

  • One of our team members will get in touch with you
  • You just have to respond to the email from Keatext
  • We will help you upload your data
  • We will set you up with temporary access to the tool

Voilà, have fun for 4 weeks!

Keatext features

With Keatext, no preloading is needed and no setup or maintenance is required. Keatext is SaaS and ready to use, with the ability to scale as your needs evolve.

Opinion and sentiment analysis Illustration

Sentiment analysis

Obtain accurate analysis and the instant categorization of customer feedback into Praise, Problems, Suggestions and Questions.

Trend detection Illustration

Trend detection

Be alerted to positive or negative trends and unusual feedback data automatically identified by the platform.

Progress tracking Illustration

Progress tracking

Monitor the evolution of your customers’ opinions and the results of the actions you’ve taken thanks to the platform’s ability to host your data and track progress over time.

Want to learn more about text analytics?

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