Understand what your guests want and deliver the perfect travel experience

An advanced AI text analytics platform, Keatext delivers the clarity you need to improve

  • your guest satisfaction
  • brand loyalty
  • and service offer

The platform rapidly analyzes large volumes of unstructured feedback data, such as

  • your guests reviews on Tripadvisor or Expedia
  • chat logs
  • survey open-ended questions
  • and social media posts

Get a bird’s eye view on what your guests are saying and suggesting, from praise to criticism, so you can make decisions based on their actual needs.

understand your guests


AI text analytics for guest satisfaction improvement

Keatext synthesizes large volumes of multichannel guest reviews to arm you with an actionable summary of the topics and issues that guests are discussing. It also offers you an overview of your guests’ suggestions to help you craft strategies around their needs. Keatext features:

Opinion and sentiment analysis Illustration

Sentiment analysis

Keatext summarizes and categorizes your guests’ reviews into Praise, Problems, Suggestions and Questions.

Trend detection Illustration

Trend detection

Keatext identifies positive or negative trends within your guests’ reviews and alerts you to unusual feedback.

Progress tracking Illustration

Progress tracking

Keatext allows you to monitor the evolution of your guests’ opinions through its ability to host your data and track progress over time.

See all of your guests’ reviews in one place and analyze them at the same time

Data silos

Avoid data silos and improve your customer experience

Benefit from a holistic view of your feedback data, collected from all key touchpoints, including your website surveys, call centers, online review sites and social media.

Guest loyality

Learn what’s driving guest loyalty for your hotel brand

Gain a better understanding of your guests’ motivations by creating custom filters based on your metadata categories and relevant keywords that let you segment your customer base.

Decrease operating costs

Act strategically and decrease your operating costs

Improve your operations by monitoring the evolution of your guests’ opinions alongside the results of the actions you’ve taken thanks to the platform’s ability to track progress over time.


Predict risk and be better prepared to manage crisis

Identify trends and unusual feedback and create watchlists to stay on top of issues that matter to you or could become a source for future problems.

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