Analyze and report on customer sentiment in minutes.

Understanding how customers feel and what drives behavior at each step of the customer journey is difficult.

With Keatext, you can easily build a 360-degree view of your customer feedback to understand what drives NPS in surveys, star ratings in reviews, or problems in support tickets - all in one platform.


customer sentiment

Spend 98% less time on analysis with our seamless experience.

Upload data or integrate an app

Our platform supports CSV files and integrates with 400+ apps like Zendesk and Surveymonkey.

Explore AI-powered insights

With a fully interactive dashboard, you can visualize insights, modify charts, and apply filters in one click.

Build and share reports as you go

Save data views and filtersets as reports to easily share with your team or across your organization.

Our platform is always designed with you in mind.

Interactive dashboard

Get a complete overview of your multichannel customer data and easily dive into our AI-driven analysis in a few clicks.

Rich data visualizations

Explore insights with dynamic features like our heatmap, all on one easy-to-navigate and customizable dashboard.

Customizable reports

Build your own reports by adding charts and widgets, filtering data views, and modifying your report layout.

400+ integrations

Connect Keatext with apps like Zendesk, Surveymonkey, and 400+ more to get started with no setup required.

Sentiment and intent analysis

Our innovative AI model identifies praises, problems, suggestions, and questions in each comment.

Topic and opinion summary

Easily understand the topics customers are bringing up and the ratio of positive to negative sentiment.

Automatic grouping

Similar topics identified in your data are automatically grouped together for a seamless analysis experience.

Multilingual processing

Our AI analyzes text with native proficiency in English and French and can translate 50+ other languages to English.

Advanced data filtering

Segment your data views with custom filters based on your metadata categories and relevant keywords.

Granular time comparison

Look back and compare date ranges to visualize customer interest in selected topics over time.

Trend detection

Track positive and negative trends to proactively identify customer issues.

Advanced statistics

Build pivot tables and charts right within our app to visualize analytics in a more powerful way.

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We've deployed Keatext as a solution for top use cases:

Customer Experience

Quickly and easily analyze qualitative data from multiple channels to fully understand what your customers are saying, and ultimately turn that into a responsive CX program.

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Product Management

Report on product reviews, surveys, and in-app feedback, track the performance of individual products, and create new features your customers want.

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Support Tickets

Derive key insights about customer sentiment right from your support ticket system, improve time to resolution, and proactively address issues before they get out of hand.

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Employee Engagement

Analyze qualitative data in employee feedback surveys to improve productivity, strengthen company culture, and keep employee engagement and loyalty high.

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