Surveys improve retention and NPS

If you're doing them right, surveys are key to a company’s growth. They can tell a company a lot about the motivations, actions, behaviours, client satisfaction and needs of its customers. From there, you can monitor and improve CX in real time. At Keatext, we  can help give a voice to your customer surveys and:

  • Catch and act on real-time feedback by automating results of thousands of responses
  • Empower frontline CX providers by instantly allowing them to read sentiment, uncover actionable insights and dive deep into demographics and segmentation.
  • Interpret and analyze all of your historical data in in one single place, reducing silos and blind spots
  • Instantly process large volume of unstructured responses from major surveys providers (Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey etc.)
  • Quickly and effectively equip your marketing team with actionable insights
  • Analyze at scale the feedback given by your existing customers to improve retention and NPS

AI text analytics for customer satisfaction improvement

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