Full cycle of customer experience management

Today’s digital consumer knows exactly what they want—everything. Are you meeting their needs? An advanced AI feedback management platform, Keatext delivers the clarity you need to:

  • Improve customer insights and interactions
  • Personalize service offerings
  • Maintain online reputation management
  • Create seamless multi-channel customer experiences

Today’s digital consumer is increasingly connected, has more access to information, and expects businesses to react to all their needs and wants instantly. Keatext gives you the clarity to see precisely how to strategize customer experience, engagement and brand growth in seconds.

AI text analytics for customer satisfaction improvement

Keatext gives you the tools to see precisely how to strategize customer experience, engagement and brand growth by synthesizing large volumes of multichannel customer reviews to arm you with an actionable summary of the topics and issues that consumers are discussing. That knowledge will help shape business strategies to create meaningful products, services and retail experiences that sustain brand relationships and increase revenue. Keatext features:

Customer Experience Management Illustration

Sentiment analysis

Keatext summarizes and categorizes consumer reviews into Praise, Problems, Suggestions and Questions.

Trend detection Illustration

Trend detection

Keatext identifies positive or negative trends within your customers’ reviews and alerts you to unusual feedback.

Customer Experience Management Illustration

Customer Experience Management

Keatext uncovers key insights that will allow you to identify, nurture and sustain rich, rewarding customer experiences.

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