Beyond Sentiment Analysis

When it comes to sentiment analysis, context is everything. Understanding the main motivations for customer feedback is just as important as knowing the feelings and sentiment towards your brand. Our opinion analysis tool automatically detects and categorizes customer feedback into complaints, info requests, praises and suggestions. A great combination of high level insight and  fine grained data, so you know exactly how to improve customer satisfaction.


Powerful Sentiment Analysis Features & More

Keatext uses natural language processing and machine learning technology. Core features include the ability to import and export data, sentiment analysis, topic detection, integration with Salesforce, data visualization and report collaboration.


Go beyond the traditional positive and negative analysis to get a deeper analysis of the “why” behind your customer feedback.


Unlike other tools, Keatext does not rely on keywords. It automatically detects and categorizes feedback as info requests, suggestions, complaints or praises.


Aggregate any other statistics that correspond to a specific piece of feedback, across all of your data.


What’s driving customer sentiment?