Empower your agency’s teams and clients with cutting-edge AI

Keatext provides instant clarity on the voice of the customer from volumes of unstructured feedback.

We’ve designed Keatext’s Agency Partner Program with your agency’s growth acceleration in mind. Our mission is to empower your internal research, strategic and creative teams with the most advanced AI to interpret unstructured feedback data and ultimately lead your clients down the path to success.

See how Keatext delivers the fastest time-to insights:


Key Features for Agencies


Insights you can trust from the most advanced AI

Keatext can help you reveal blind spots that humans and other analytics tools might not detect by tapping into an ever-growing rich knowledge base and the most advanced deep learning algorithms. This helps you access unbiased insights instantly from large volumes of unstructured feedback data like social media posts, online reviews, and open-ended survey questions.

You work in a variety of industries, and so do we. This means you can access context-relevant insights with our algorithms’ sensitivity to industry-specific and event-related conversations. This will give you the ability to offer your clients accurate analysis based on Keatext’ advanced understanding of everyday human communication.

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All you need to know in one place

Keatext gives you an accurate 360 view of customer feedback at a glance through an easy-to-use interface without having to go through the lengthy process of reading, understanding and categorizing multi-channel data.

Keatext consolidates your data from all sources for deep, accurate and, comprehensive analysis, then organizes everything into a single, user-friendly interface.

Feedback can then easily be visualized effortlessly intuitive, user-centric navigation, and output trends and correlations in self-explanatory charts that can easily be shared and understood by your team and clients.

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Track progress, respond early

Keatext increases your productivity through its ability to detect trends and form automatic correlations from customer feedback. This allows the tool to automatically categorize topics and issues into groups as well as uncover key topics and track their progress over time.

Keatext can also function as an early detection system, flagging trend warnings and allowing you to respond to issues before they get critical.

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Personalized look and feel for your business

You can personalize Keatext to increase the quality of your offering, accuracy of your reports, data analysis and strategic recommendations all under the banner of your own brand and interface. This allows you to retain ownership of your service and remain competitive in your own market.

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Segment accounts for better client service

Your clients’ ultimate goal is to have a deep understanding of their customers that will help improve their communications, services or products. With Keatext, you can empower your account management team working on each of your clients with this knowledge to better serve them.

Our personalized service also allows you to share this knowledge with your clients under the banner of your own brand and interface, allowing you to retain ownership of your service. You could also choose to simply onsell the service to your client and for them to retain ownership of their data.

Why become a Keatext Agency Partner

Accuracy of insight

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Keatext can reveal blind spots humans and other analytic tools might overlook, allowing you to devise campaign strategies from volumes of unstructured data.

Add “cutting-edge” to your service offering

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Remain competitive by empowering your clients with AI innovation through a repeatable service that keeps your clients engaged.

Analyze unstructured data instantly

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Provide your market research, strategy and analytics teams with actionable insights drawn from unstructured data.. No preloading, no setup and no maintenance required.

User-friendly plug-n-play SaaS Platform

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Upload multichannel unstructured feedback data into a single, user-friendly platform for deeper, accurate and comprehensive analysis.

Tailored to your (and your clients’) needs

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Set up custom watchlists to track topics relevant to you and your clients. Back up campaign strategies and campaigns with accurate qualitative data.

Efficient and cost-effective

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Manual coding and analysis of unstructured feedback data can be long, complex and costly. Keatext does all the hard work for you using deep learning and machine learning.

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