Your customer feedback is trying to tell you something.

Keatext removes the tedious work of analyzing customer feedback and helps you instantly find what needs immediate attention to improve your customer experience.

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Discover what needs immediate attention from your customer feedback, without the heavy lifting.


    Spend 98% less analysis time analyzing feedback.

    We analyze thousands of your customer comments in just minutes using plug and play AI text analytics.

    Keatext allows you to free up your team to prioritize solutions instead of spending hours on analysis that should be automated.

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    Get a full picture of your feedback in 15 minutes.

    We give you an omnichannel view of all your feedback, in one platform. And in real time!

    Our AI identifies sentiment and intent in your customer data, and automatically groups similar topics together.

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    Seamlessly integrate with the tools you use at your organization.

    We streamline your workflow by automating data upload through one of our connectors.

    Keatext supports integrations with Zendesk, Surveymonkey, and 400+ other CRM and survey platforms.

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    Quickly and easily identify roadblocks in your customer journey.

    We provide a dashboard that serves your KPIs and helps you immediately identify problems that need to be resolved right away.

    Keatext enables you to drill down into more context and analytics from top level insights on the dashboard.

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Millions of comments analyzed for our clients:


Unlock insight in 98% less time.

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