Your most impactful improvements start here.

With recommendations powered by AI, take decisions
that make the most impact on your customer journey.

Keatext helps brands like these be more customer-centric

Bring forward decisions with impact

Zero in on opportunities to increase ROI. Take AI-driven actions that impact NPS, star ratings, or time to resolution across your customer journey.

Monitor every stage of the customer journey

Build a complete view of what drives NPS in surveys, star ratings in reviews, or problems in support tickets. Analyze every channel in one platform.

Automate how you generate customer intelligence

Uncover customer insights you can act on without any heavy lifting. Prioritize the issues and root causes of negative sentiment you need to address.

How our clients get ROI from Keatext ✅

Chris Gast

VP Customer Experience

Helping our customers make real-time purchase decisions has increased conversion rates by as much as 40%.

Myshka Sansoin

Global Customer Advocate

Before Keatext, we didn’t have a method of putting feedback together to get a 360º view of what our customers were telling us.

Alisha Manion

Account Manager

Reading reviews takes time we don't have. Instead of 8 hours to parse the details of 6000 reviews, it takes me 10 minutes using Keatext.

Ways to use Keatext


Identify the root
causes of negative

customer experience


Understand what
drives NPS and
CSAT scores

ticket analysis


Improve time to
resolution and
reduce churn

Integrate seamlessly with 400+ apps

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  • Guide to Sentiment Analysis

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    Sentiment Analysis

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    Text Analytics

    Text analytics allows you to transform unstructured data into actionable business insights.

    what is support and help desk ticket analysis

    Ticket Analysis

    Ticket analysis enables you to reduce churn and improve time to resolution in your contact center.

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