Catch, assess and address customer experience blind spots quickly and effectively

Analyze in minutes large volumes of unstructured feedback to get insights you can align with business metrics. Predict the outcome of your customer experience strategies using an AI based platform that goes beyond sentiment analysis.

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AI-powered text analytics platform for intelligent feedback management

Keatext is an AI-powered customer feedback analysis platform that leverages feedback from multiple communication channels to produce actionable insights that align with your business metrics to help you base your decisions on facts, not guesses.

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Feedback analysis

Keatext provides accurate analysis and the instant categorization of customer feedback into Praise, Problems, Suggestions and Questions.

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Trend alerts

Be alerted of emerging trends, thus empowering you to stay one step ahead by quickly detecting opportunities and risks.

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Progress tracking

Monitor the results of the actions you’ve taken, thanks to the platform’s ability to host your data and track progress over time.

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Turn your customer feedback data into insights and revenue

  1. Quickly gather and interpret public data

    Consumers are making buying decisions before they even enter your place of business or website. Keatext quickly gathers public data so you know what consumers are saying about you outside of your channels (such as reviews sites, social media), allowing you to apply data-informed brand management.
  2. Boost your customer care with improved efficiencies and shorter response times

    Improve and prioritize escalation protocol, Effectively triage support tickets, routing and ticket assignment. Bring structure and clarity to data to create customized customer experiences.
  3. Develop new products and services based on customer suggestions

    Companies can quickly and accurately manage product development using text analysis to pinpoint consumers’ needs, wants and motivations while prioritizing market urgency. Leveraging large amounts of qualitative feedback to help brands remain competitive, Keatext provides a window into customers wish-lists.
  4. Understand customer behaviour and avoid churn

    Keatext provides text analytics data and actionable insights into customer behaviour from multiple touch points throughout the customer journey. The platform empowers you by providing instant, “first hand” knowledge of key issues impacting business.

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