Every piece of feedback is a business opportunity

Keatext is a turn-key customer feedback management solution that delivers value in minutes and empowers brands with the peace of mind that customers are reflected in every business decision.

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"Tell me something I don’t know"

Keatext lets you uncover the “why” behind customer behaviour, empowering you with straightforward insights you can act on.

  1. Going beyond emotions

    Keatext helps you understand the customer mindset completely. You’ll be able to answer:

    • Why are your customers complaining?
    • What can you do to fix this?
    • How can you drive better customer experience results?

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  2. A lot more feedback, a lot less work

    Keatext leverages customer feedback from multiple sources and consolidate insights to uncover new trends. Get the most out of:

    • Consumer reviews
    • Surveys
    • Customer service tickets
    • Chatbots threads

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  3. Metrics that you can act on

    Keatext gives you the insights you need to measure the return on your investment in customer experience.

    Insights that can easily be turned into operational decisions to reduce churn, drive loyalty and increase revenue.

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  4. All you have to do is get started

    Keatext is ready to go in minutes to deliver insights on customer experience that you can act on right away.

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Your partner in customer experience

Keeping up with what your customers want is no easy task. Keatext does the heavy lifting so you can always be one step ahead.

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