Employee Feedback Analysis for HR Teams

As an HR leader, you’re well aware of how your work is changing. Keatext helps you understand the voice of employee so you can prevent turnover and lead HR digital transformation at your company.

Understand employee feedback with ease

Keatext is a cloud-based, standalone analytics platform that makes it easy to import data and be responsive to employee needs – without sacrificing resources in your team. Upload data like open-ended survey responses with an easy CSV import process or through an integration.

Discover insights to inform HR strategic priorities

Keatext helps you to understand open-ended employee feedback like surveys, assess employee sentiment around workplace topics, recommend ways to build employee trust and prevent turnover, and close the feedback loop to let employees be heard.

Take actions with the most impact on engagement

Keatext seamlessly brings the voice of employee into your decision making process, by recommending ways to build trust, close the feedback loop, and prevent employee turnover that you can use to prioritize what to do to improve employee experiences at your organization.

Resources for
HR Teams

Keatext for HR

Learn more about Keatext's use case for HR departments with this slide deck that you can share with your team or manager.

voice of employee

Voice of Employee

Understanding the voice of employee is crucial for profitability in a changing HR landscape, post-pandemic and with new economic pressures.

rebuilding company culture

Rebuilding Work Culture

Companies can thrive in the new world of work and build a resilient and engaged workforce by integrating text analytics in the employee feedback loop.

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