Increase employee engagement

Automate your VOE survey analysis with Keatext to quickly and accurately
identify sources of employee disengagement at your organization.

Analyze employee surveys

Upload your survey responses and get an instant overview of sentiments, opinions, and topics mentioned by employees. Your Keatext dashboard presents an overall sentiment score.

Fight disengagement early

Identify the top detractors in your survey data and proactively resolve reasons for disengagement at your organization. Keatext shows you top negative comments for quick understanding.

Improve company culture

Support HR decisions with data-driven insights and turn disengagement into employee happiness. Keatext provides a comprehensive view of employee suggestions and requests to enable a proactive management approach to your human resources.

Talk to an expert on employee engagement

Get a demo to learn more about how Keatext's AI text analytics
can support employee engagement at your organization.