Improve your customer experience

Keatext helps your team quickly and easily analyze multichannel
feedback to fully understand what your customers are saying.

Get an omnichannel view

Our platform supports data from reviews, surveys, and support tickets, including data from integrations like Zendesk or Surveymonkey. Collect or connect all your sources of customer feedback to maximize your analysis and get insights that mean something.

Stay on top of your KPIs

Reinforce your CX programs with qualitative data from unstructured text to improve KPIs like NPS and CSAT. Keatext provides AI-based recommendations for business areas to focus on in order to to boost satisfaction scores.

Reduce customer disengagement

Identify what's hiding in your unstructured data to build proactive CX programs that boost customer loyalty. Keatext's interface helps you prioritize negative comments and understand what is driving customer dissatisfaction.

Talk to an expert on customer experience

Get a demo to learn more about how Keatext's AI text analytics
can support customer experience at your organization.