Qualitative data analysis for customer experience programs

How you improve KPIs like NPS, customer satisfaction, and churn all comes down to customer experience.

Keatext helps your team quickly and easily analyze qualitative data from multiple channels to fully understand what your customers are saying, and ultimately turn that into a responsive CX program.

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Take advantage of our best analysis and data visualization features.

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    Multichannel dashboard

    Our platform supports data from reviews, surveys, and support tickets - or anything else from a CSV file or one of our app integrations like Zendesk or Surveymonkey.

    Collect or connect all your sources of customer feedback to maximize your analysis and get insights that mean something.

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    Automatic topic grouping

    Our AI model identifies and groups together similar topics in your feedback like “coffee machine” and “coffee maker”, making your insights easy to understand and navigate.

    So you can be confident that you’re not missing any customer comments about these important topics.

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    Customizable reports

    Build and share reports that highlight insights in your customer feedback and point at areas to improve customer experience.

    Add widgets with rich data visualizations, filter data, and modify layouts to get the right report you’re looking for.

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We've already helped our clients improve their customer experience:

zendesk ticket analysis


Skincare company COOLA leveraged Keatext’s Zendesk integration to improve customer experience during the busiest time of the year.

VP of CX Chris Gast says: “Helping our customers make real-time purchase decisions has increased COOLA.com conversion rates by as much as 40%.”

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Digital sampling company Sampler uses Keatext’s AI data analysis to show clients what their customers think and feel.

Account manager Alisha Manion says: “Instead of 8 hours to parse the details of the data in 6000 reviews, it takes me 10 minutes using Keatext.”

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