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intelcom case study

How Intelcom Built a Data-Driven Approach to CX

Parcel carrier Intelcom relies on Keatext’s AI-based text analytics and recommendations to lead the digital transformation of their CX.

Marketing Specialist Cyrine Ben Ncib says: “Keatext was the methodology that was missing to give us the opportunity to go deeper in the data and the insights.”

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How Lenovo Analyzes Feedback for 250+ Products

Personal computer giant Lenovo uses Keatext to maintain a strong standard of product quality across multiple licensees.

Senior Product Manager Bai Song says: “With Keatext, the process of consolidating feedback is now automated, and we are proactively able to provide critical feedback to our licensees.”

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How Ticket Analysis Boosts CSAT by 5 Points

Skincare company COOLA leveraged Keatext’s Zendesk integration to improve customer experience during the busiest time of the year.

VP of CX Chris Gast says: “Helping our customers make real-time purchase decisions has increased conversion rates by as much as 40%.”

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How Sampler Reduces Time to Insights by 98%

Digital sampling company Sampler uses Keatext’s AI data analysis to show clients what their customers think and feel.

Account manager Alisha Manion says: “Instead of 8 hours to parse the details of the data in 6000 reviews, it takes me 10 minutes using Keatext.”

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product feedback

How BRP Turned 10 Years of Surveys into Insights

Powersport vehicle manufacturer BRP analyzed 10 years of surveys and call centre transcripts, in both French and English.

Global Customer Advocate Myshka Sansoin says: “We didn’t have a method of getting a 360-degree view of what our customers were telling us. We needed an easier way to understand the feedback, because we knew it was so rich.”

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Breckenridge | Hospitality

Breckenridge Grand Vacations resort needed to keep their competitive edge by anticipating client needs in advance and delivering services that meet them.

Keatext’s immediate deployment, integration with existing infrastructure, and custom dashboards allowed the company to be proactive at every step.

The team discovered friction points in the cancellation process. Moving fast, they revised their policies, and tracked the rise in client satisfaction in real time.

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Customer Count | Surveys

Customer Count needed to integrate text analytics into the survey functionality it offers to clients without sacrificing its speed and simplicity.

Keatext is a true plug and play platform and features flexible custom dashboards that make it easy to navigate for clients, delivering business value in real time.

Keatext has become an extension of and a significant piece of accountability to Customer Count’s already robust reporting system, and clients love it.

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Voice of Employee

18,000 employee survey responses searching for the answer to one fundamental question: “How do our employees feel about our safety culture?”

Keatext delivered fast AI-driven survey analysis to get to the heart of that question, with an easy to use interface to distribute insights company-wide.

The organization was able to validate long term insights from previous years’ surveys and continue to model a high level of safety and risk management.

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employee feedback

Product Safety

This manufacturing company needed to address a safety risk in a product that affected 15,000 customers – an issue that also involved multiple departments.

With Keatext, they analyzed surveys and discovered key insights in how customers responded to the product recall announcement.

Keatext helped guide this organization through a difficult time and place customers at the centre of their product recall strategy.

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“The biggest improvement Keatext brought to us is facilitating or even participating in our culture change. BRP wants the customer to be at the center of everything it does. Having an easy way to understand and share what the customer wants helps us accomplish this.”

Myshka Sansoin, Global Customer Advocate at BRP



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