How Lenovo Analyzes Feedback for 250+ Products [Case Study]

Lenovo uses Keatext's AI-powered customer sentiment and product feedback analysis to maintain strong product quality across licensees.

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In the competitive personal computer segment, staying on the cutting-edge while delivering high-quality products is something few companies can achieve consistently. Unless of course, you are Lenovo.

When it comes to established brands like Lenovo—quality matters. Even through its licensing program, Lenovo is committed to quality assurance and providing their customers with the best possible products and experiences possible. But gauging customer sentiment across multiple licensees, vendors, and eCommerce channels is no easy task.

Discover how Lenovo uses Keatext to identify deep customer insights that it uses to streamline the customer experience across multiple global licensees, vendors, and channels.

1. About Lenovo

Lenovo and quality products go hand in hand. This global company operates in over 180 markets around the world, owns some of the most recognizable brands in the electronics and personal computer segments, and is committed to delivering smarter technology for all. Lenovo’s relentless commitment to design, engineering, and quality is the reason why many consider it to be the definition of consistency and reliability.

Quick Facts

  • Industry: Electronics, Personal Computers
  • Operations: 77+ Countries
  • Employees: 57,000+

2. Why Lenovo Needed a Product Feedback Analysis Solution

Lenovo is always looking for new ways to maintain the high-quality products it’s best known for. The company uses a licensing model that allows it to rapidly manufacture products in any region where a manufacturer can meet the company’s high standards for quality control, brand reputation, and customer expectations.

However, this licensing model makes it challenging for the company to accurately collect customer feedback through its multiple licensees in the 180+ markets they serve. They must qualify licensees, ensuring that they have the right manufacturing processes in place, factory qualifications, and the capability to meet the company’s product standards.

“With Keatext, we now can effectively get more insights, the process of consolidating feedback is now automated, and we are proactively able to provide critical feedback to our licensees.” – Bai Song, Senior Product Manager

Managing these expectations across multiple brick and mortar locations, ecommerce marketplaces, and other channels was becoming increasingly difficult as the company onboarded new licensees.

Lenovo needed a reliable solution that would enable it to effectively collect, measure, and analyze customer sentiment in product feedback to generate the insights needed to optimize and continuously improve the products manufactured by its licensees.

The company initially experimented with a simple sentiment analysis solution, but quickly found it required too much manual intervention to use. They also realized it didn’t provide the right types of data. The initial solution was heavily focused on simple social media profile data, such as a customer’s geographical location, age, and gender—and did very little to provide data-driven insights into what the customer experience looked like. In addition, onboarding licensees was a significant hurdle that required configuring accounts. There was no simple way to share valuable insights with their licensees.

“Before Keatext, getting insights about our products and licensees’ performance involved a lot of manual work. With Keatext, we now can effectively get more insights, the process of consolidating feedback is now automated, and we are proactively able to provide critical feedback to our licensees. Keatext’s AI definitely has been an intelligent tool in helping us improve our product quality and brand reputation,” said Bai Song, Senior Product Manager, Trademark, M4DE & Technology Licensing at Lenovo.

While existing licensees had their own internal controls to manage customer requirements, feedback, and product returns, there was no unified feedback analysis system that Lenovo could unilaterally deploy to all of its licensees. Plus, with a combination of brick and mortar operations and eCommerce platforms, key customer data wasn’t being properly collected, which made it difficult to measure whether a licensee was adhering to the brand’s strict requirements.

Lenovo began searching for a more robust solution that could provide them with the deep customer experience insights they needed to ensure quality across all channels.

3. Why Lenovo Chose Keatext’s Feedback Analysis Tool

Lenovo decided to partner with Keatext to leverage our scalable AI-powered text and feedback analysis to streamline customer feedback collection across the various channels licensees used. For 266 products – including 55 products from the competition – Lenovo has analyzed over 120,000 comments.

“We needed a solution that could effectively collect, measure, and process customer feedback across all of the channels our licensees operate in—at scale. Because our customer base consists of professional users, it was important that we could capitalize on the feedback they were willing to provide without creating friction for our licensees,” said Bai.

Keatext’s AI-powered platform provided Lenovo with key functionality, including:

  • Multichannel Analysis: All of the customer feedback collected by Lenovo’s licensees was aggregated into a single location.
  • Intent & Sentiment Analysis: Deep insights into what the company’s customers were saying about its products and brand.
  • Simplified Onboarding: The ability to quickly onboard licensees so they could leverage the full potential of Keatext.
  • Advanced Reporting: Detailed reports that made it easy to share key trends, typical mistakes, common customer complaints & suggestions, and other insights.
  • Customer Feedback Automation: Automation ensures all data is collected and centralized through a unified solution.
  • Advanced Data Filtering: Specialized filters allow Lenovo’s teams to organize data based on specific criteria like product, licensee, marketplace, region, and more.
  • Data-Rich Analytics: Data is readily available through interactive dashboards, charts, and other visual media.

4. How Feedback Analysis Translates to Licensee Success for Lenovo

With Keatext, Lenovo now has a robust, scalable, and fully automated solution that allows them to bridge the customer feedback gap between its many licensees.

Lenovo has even made Keatext part of its standard onboarding process for new licensees. They actively teach licensees about Keatext, how to leverage the platform’s reputation tools, and the KPIs that Lenovo uses to measure licensee success.

Continuous improvement is something Lenovo takes seriously because of its commitment to producing high-quality products that cater to its professional customer base. The company continues to benefit from Keatext’s built-in automation and AI-powered features to eliminate manual aspects of the customer sentiment analysis process, which continues to provide accurate insights on an ongoing basis.

Thanks to Keatext, Lenovo is now able to fully leverage customer feedback to assess licensee performance as well. The company leverages this data to optimize all aspects of its licensee program, from manufacturing to ongoing product improvement. And despite the significant amount of data Lenovo collects with Keatext, the company is able to quickly identify new insights with advanced data filtering.

Lenovo has even made Keatext part of its standard onboarding process for new licensees. They actively teach licensees about Keatext, how to leverage the platform’s reputation tools, and the KPIs that Lenovo uses to measure licensee success.

All of this has resulted in a simpler, more automated way to manage quality across a diverse portfolio of licensees and marketplaces. Keatext adds another layer of depth and analysis, improving visibility into licensee performance—while providing them with the actionable insights needed to continuously improve.

Lenovo continues to explore new ways to leverage the Keatext platform, and sees the solution as a key enabler of their relentless commitment to quality.

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