Customer insights tailored for maximum impact

Keatext isn’t just any text analytics platform. It's designed to take all of the manual work out of your hands - from analyzing feedback to crafting effective solutions to customer issues.

Zero in on where you need to focus first
Key Driver
Do you need to monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your customer journey?
Easily assess what contributes to and what detracts from customer satisfaction with Keatext's quadrant chart. Clearly see which areas to focus on first when making improvements.
Key Driver Analysis Screenshot

Make your contact center more profitable with ticket analysis

Stronger insights meet instant reporting
Executive Summary Generated by AI
Advanced Sentiment
Trend and
Anomaly Detection
What if you never had to start a report from scratch again?
Instantly generate a ready-to-share report on your customer journey with top action items and recommendations expressed in natural language by GPT. You don’t have to write a thing - that’s the power of AI.
Executive summary screenshot

Monitor your brand reputation with review analysis

Complete coverage of your customer journey
Global Filtering
Do you need strong filtering abilities to segment insights?
Apply global filters to your dashboard for better control over your analysis. Even better, share dashboards with filter views applied to ensure everyone sees the right insights.
Global filters screenshot

Understand what drives NPS with survey analysis

Ways to use Keatext


Identify the root
causes of negative

customer experience


Understand what
drives NPS and
CSAT scores

ticket analysis


Improve time to
resolution and
reduce churn

Integrate seamlessly with 400+ apps

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