Customer feedback analysis for product management

Product teams need a full view of customer or user feedback to understand what's working, what's not, and what could be next to make great products better.

Keatext helps your team report on product reviews, surveys, and in-app feedback, track the performance of individual products, and create new features your customers want.

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Our platform gives you a seamless analysis experience.


    Consolidated feedback view

    Find your customer sentiment bearings from multiple sources of feedback.

    Following a product or feature launch, use Keatext’s insights to validate your product roadmap or identify what customers are dissatisfied with.

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    Advanced data filtering

    When you have multiple products with multiple features, our platform makes it easy to analyze them together or individually.

    Apply advanced filters, tag comments yourself, and dive as deep as you want into a particular topic mentioned by customers.

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    Rich data visualizations

    Our platform displays insights visually and makes it easy to interact with charts to get more granular insights.

    Save dashboard views as you go to have ready-made reports when you want to share insights with your team.

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We’ve already helped our clients improve their products:

feedback analysis


Personal computer giant Lenovo uses Keatext to maintain a strong standard of product quality across multiple licensees.

Senior Product Manager Bai Song says: “With Keatext, the process of consolidating feedback is now automated, and we are proactively able to provide critical feedback to our licensees.”

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Bombardier Recreational Products

Powersport vehicle manufacturer BRP analyzed 10 years of surveys and call centre transcripts, in both French and English.

Global Customer Advocate Myshka Sansoin says: “We didn’t have a method of getting a 360-degree view of what our customers were telling us. We needed an easier way to understand the feedback, because we knew it was so rich.”

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