Improve your product, proactively.

Product teams need a full view of customer or user feedback to understand what's working, what's not, and what could be next to make great products better.

Keatext enables you to derive insights from reviews, surveys, and in-app feedback, and track the performance of individual products and feature releases.

Why Keatext?


    Assess feature performance

    Find your customer sentiment bearings following a product or feature launch to validate your product roadmap.

    Keatext's interface allows you to compare and benchmark products and features.


    Isolate product errors

    Monitor negative sentiment and topics to uncover errors and user pains and escalate your response.

    Your Keatext dashboard allows you sort by negative sentiment and isolate date ranges.


    Guide product evolution

    Browse customer suggestions to discover new paths and involve customers in product updates.

    Keatext's sentiment analysis groups suggestions and questions for easy access.

Case studies

Driving product improvements at BRP

BRP needed to leverage 10 years worth of surveys and call centre transcripts in both French and English to drive product improvements based on VoC.

Keatext’s AI transformed BRP’s messy data into quick reports and metrics, uncovering unexpected issues that were incorporated into product changes.

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Prioritizing customers in crisis management

This manufacturing company needed to address a safety risk in a product that affected 15,000 customers – an issue that also involved multiple departments.

With Keatext, they analyzed surveys and discovered key insights in how customers responded to the product recall announcement.

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