Optimize your product management

Keatext helps your team report on product reviews, surveys, and in-app feedback, track the
performance of individual products, and create new features your customers want.

Measure product performance

Find your customer sentiment bearings from multiple sources of feedback. Following a product or feature launch, use Keatext’s insights to validate your product roadmap or identify what customers are dissatisfied with.

Proactively fix product issues

Follow customer opinions and negative themes to discover errors and problems mentioned by customers or users. Keatext provides AI-based recommendations for issues to fix that have the most impact on satisfaction scores like NPS or CSAT.

Guide product evolution

Discover suggestions directly from customers for new features and make them a more active part of your product roadmap. Keatext's sentiment analysis identifies suggestions so you can filter right down into what customers want to see next.

Talk to an expert on product management

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