Transform your detractors into promoters

Clearly pinpoint what drives NPS, CSAT, or star ratings to make decisions
that measurably improve customer satisfaction scores.

Clearly understand what drives NPS, CSAT, or star ratings

🔎 Do you need to uncover the “why” behind satisfaction scores?

Dive into insights from promoters or detractors to know exactly what works and what you need to improve, with full clarity on how each item impacts satisfaction.

Make decisions with impact you can count on

🔎 Do you need to justify how survey analysis translates to higher satisfaction scores?

Discover AI-driven opportunities for improvement that have a clear impact on NPS, CSAT, or star ratings, without guessing what the most important things you can do are.

Know exactly where and why customers churn

🔎 Do you need to know at which stage of the buying journey customers drop off?

Analyze sentiment in post-purchase or post-call surveys to better understand the quality of experiences at different stages of the customer journey.

Keatext enables BRP to track 100% of their customer journey

“Before Keatext, we didn’t have a method of putting feedback together to get a 360º view
of what our customers were telling us. We needed an easier way to leverage it.”

Myshka Sansoin
Customer Advocate, BRP

Integrate Keatext with your survey platform

From our
Learning Hub

Integrate with SurveyMonkey

Seamlessly import open-ended responses from SurveyMonkey to streamline your survey analysis.

what is nps analysis

Why you need NPS Analysis

Your NPS score is an essential KPI - and NPS analysis enables you to take your most impactful action.

csat surveys

The perfect CSAT survey

CSAT surveys done right can reveal key insights about customer intent and behavior.

Take a tour of Keatext’s survey analysis

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