Hit your marketing sweet spot, easily.

Harness the power of customer insights to drive marketing decisions and build campaigns that resonate with your audience.

We give your marketing team the key to unlocking what your consumers are saying in their unstructured feedback. That, in a word, is gold.

Why Keatext?

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    Shield your brand reputation

    Monitor negative feedback from surveys and reviews to manage detractors and protect your brand reputation.

    Keatext's dashboard view shows you top detractors for quick review.

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    Stack up to competitors

    Analyze the overall customer sentiment and opinions against your competitors to better position yourself.

    Keatext's dashboard provides you with everything you need to compare the performance of your products and take action.

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    Generate qualified leads

    Understand what customers are promoting about your brand to align your marketing initiatives and reach new prospects.

    Your Keatext dashboard presents top positive trends in customer sentiment.

Case studies

Proactively supporting clients in the hospitality industry

Breckenridge Grand Vacations resort needed to keep their competitive edge by anticipating client needs in advance and delivering services that meet them.

Keatext’s immediate deployment, integration with existing infrastructure, and custom dashboards allowed the company to be proactive at every step.

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Driving product improvements at BRP

BRP needed to leverage 10 years worth of surveys and call centre transcripts in both French and English to drive product improvements based on VoC.

Keatext’s AI transformed BRP’s messy data into quick reports and metrics, uncovering unexpected issues that were incorporated into product changes.

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