Meet focus recommendations.

What if you and your team could instantly zero in on the most impactful action items for your business?

Meet the new predictive analytics module that seamlessly serves you the most critical areas for business improvement from your feedback - saving you major time, ensuring ROI, and giving you a straight and strategic line to taking your most impactful action.


ticket analysis

Shift your focus to taking the right action.

Recommendations transform your customer feedback into top 5 action.

Our recommendations module ensures a strong ROI, acting like a super impactful analytics assistant. It sorts through reams of customer feedback and identifies which specific areas of your business are windows of opportunity that require action.


    Provides the critical action items from your customer feedback

    Our recommendations module connects the satisfaction drivers from your customer feedback with an impact score.

    That score helps you understand what has the greatest effect on your overall customer satisfaction. And it can be positive or negative - calling out your most critical opportunities.

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    Focus on opportunities, not analysis

    Forget sorting through reams of customer feedback, then manually prioritizing opportunities or problem areas for hours or even days.

    Our recommendations module does that heavy lifting for you quickly and smartly.

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    Zero in on opportunities

    Focus recommendations allow you and your customer experience team to quickly zero in on opportunities - both for improvement and for team empowerment.

    Bring recommendations directly to your teams to help your organization be more customer centric!

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Your most impactful improvements start here.

Upload customer feedback

The module supports data that contains a satisfaction score such as CSAT or NPS and integrates with 400+ apps like Zendesk and Surveymonkey.


Automated suggestions are served to you

Keatext scans your feedback for recommendations with either positive or negative impact - to show you the most impactful opportunities for change.


Impactful action items become clear

Scan your impact scores to immediately identify the areas of improvement that will have the greatest impact on your customer experience.


See what all the focus is about

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