Focus Recommendations with GPT

Keatext provides AI-based recommendations interpreted by GPT for improvements
with the most impact on customer satisfaction scores like NPS and CSAT.

Prioritize improvements with the most impact

Get AI-based recommendations for what to improve in your customer experience with the most impact on satisfaction metrics like ratings, NPS, and CSAT.

Recommendations are based on impact - not just frequency - to help you prioritize what to do first.

Contextualize GPT with more accurate insights

Insights from Keatext are used as a knowledge base that helps GPT to understand the specifics of your business and produce more accurate results.

By combining the strongest elements of AI text analytics and GPT, Keatext brings a new level of personalization to your customer feedback analysis.

Understand the context of your recommendations

Dive into each recommendation to see what customers are saying, in their own words.

Validate the pain points in your customer journey that cause dissatisfaction and leverage Keatext's recommendations to take action to improve this area of your customer experience.

See Recommendations on Your Data

Connect with an analyst to see AI-based recommendations on
your own customer data like reviews, surveys, or call transcripts.