Text Analysis for Support Tickets

Add a layer of insights to your support tickets to increase responsiveness, streamline
the work of your agents, and make your contact center more profitable.

Cut down on resolution times

🔎 Do your agents spend a lot of time resolving tickets?

Know exactly the top customer issues and build templates of canned answers to prioritize the efforts of your agents and resolve tickets faster.

Route tickets faster and more accurately

🔎 Do you spend a lot of time routing tickets to the right agents?

Automatically identify the topics, context, and summary of each ticket and route it to the right department, all without having to read any tickets yourself.

Effectively train new agents

🔎 Do you need a more effective method to train new agents?

Provide agents in training with real customer-agent exchanges that generated high customer satisfaction scores, without leaving them lacking the resources they need to perform best.

Keatext enables COOLA to boost CSAT by 5 points

“Gaining a clear understanding of the actual root cause of a problem is a game-changer
because you can address challenges across the entire customer journey.”

Chris Gast
VP Customer Experience, COOLA

Integrate Keatext with your contact center

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Integrate with Zendesk

Seamlessly import tickets from Zendesk to start making your contact center more profitable.

what is support and help desk ticket analysis

Why ticket analysis matters

Ticket analysis increases the level of automation in your contact center to reduce costs.


Get ROI from ticket analysis

COOLA increased CSAT by 5 points and website conversion rates by 40% with Keatext.

Take a tour of Keatext’s support ticket analysis

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