Support ticket analysis for customer sentiment

As your team works to resolve help desk tickets day to day, it’s not easy to spot high level trends in the tickets customers are opening.

Keatext helps you derive key insights about customer behavior right from your support ticket system, improve time to resolution, and proactively address issues before they get out of hand.

ticket analysis

Managing your tickets means analyzing them, too.


    Real-time integrations

    Our platform integrates with help desk solutions like Zendesk to automatically pull in new data for analysis.

    Save time by avoiding pesky CSV exports and uploads, and benefit from our seamless integration experience.

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    Multiple dashboards

    Build and customize as many dashboards as you need for individual products, issues, or even support agents.

    Compare dashboards to get a granular view of your help desk performance and prioritize improvements.

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    Advanced data filtering

    Whether you want to dive down into support issues or support agent responses, our platform enables you to maximize the data you have.

    Use metadata filters or create your own tags to easily get the insights you’re after.

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We've helped our clients analyze their support tickets:

zendesk ticket analysis


Skincare company COOLA leveraged Keatext’s Zendesk integration to improve customer experience during the busiest time of the year.

VP of CX Chris Gast says: “Helping our customers make real-time purchase decisions has increased conversion rates by as much as 40%.”

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product feedback

Bombardier Recreational Products

Powersport vehicle manufacturer BRP analyzed 10 years of surveys and call centre transcripts, in both French and English.

Global Customer Advocate Myshka Sansoin says: “We didn’t have a method of getting a 360-degree view of what our customers were telling us. We needed an easier way to understand the feedback, because we knew it was so rich.”

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Take your ticket analysis to the next level with Keatext.

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