Empower your clients with cutting-edge AI innovation for customer experience management

Sharpen your competitive edge. Increase your customer loyalty.

Why Keatext

Building in house technology can be a very long and complex process. It is taxing your internal resources and taking focus away from your core business. Keatext is the perfect partner to extend your services with a flexible turn-key solution that can help you with:

Customer experience management


Marketing strategy creation


Market Research analysis


Why partner with us

  1. Efficient and cost-effective AI platform

    Manual coding and analyzing unstructured feedback data is long, complex and costly. Keatext does all the hard work for you using deep learning and machine learning.

  2. Insights you can trust

    By tapping into a rich and ever-growing knowledge base, Keatext helps you access unbiased insights instantly, revealing blind spots that humans and other analytics tools might not detect.

  3. Personalized look and feel for your business

    You can personalize Keatext to increase the quality of your offering, retain ownership of your service and remain competitive in your market.

  4. Separate accounts for better client service

    Keatext empowers your account management team by enabling them to create a separate account for each client and to bill clients individually when necessary.