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what is sentiment analysis

What is sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis identifies customer sentiment and intent in feedback by using text analytics. It analyzes comments for positive or negative opinions to provide an overall view of customer satisfaction.

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what is text analytics and text analysis

What is text analytics?

At its most basic, text analytics uses AI and Natural Language Processing to extract meaning out of raw text. It’s more efficient and often more accurate than manual analysis, especially with large volumes of text.

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what is support and help desk ticket analysis

What is ticket analysis?

Ticket analysis using machine learning allows brands to quickly analyze qualitative data from their help desk and improve efficiency for support ticket classification and management.

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what is customer experience

What is customer experience?

Customer experience (CX) refers to how a business interacts with customers at every point during their customer journey, ranging from marketing to customer service. It also plays a critical role in sentiment analysis.

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what is predictive analytics

What is predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics uses machine learning models to leverage existing data to predict an unknown future fact or event. Essentially, it leverages past data to predict future data.

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voice of customer

Considerations for your voice of customer program

Starting a new voice of customer program? Or just looking to improve what you currently have? This post outlines the major activities and considerations involved in effectively implementing a VOC program.

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open ended survey analysis

How to analyze open-ended survey responses

Open-ended questions are an important element to build into any survey, but analyzing them can seem daunting. Learn how you can automate the analysis of your open-ended responses and build a survey results report that includes insights from qualitative data.

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ai for customer experience guide

How to choose an AI for CX solution

AI tools deliver actionable insights to help businesses manage feedback volume, identify customer satisfaction drivers, and ultimately improve customer experience. Learn how to implement AI for CX solutions at your organization.

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consumer feedback

How to boost the power of feedback

Consumer feedback is readily available online to all brands, and with the right tools it can make a big difference to a company’s bottom line. Learn how to collect and leverage this powerful asset at your organization.

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review analysis

How review data is changing the retail industry

Review data is the most valuable opportunity for retail brands, and review analysis is the new must-have to stay competitive. Learn about the top trends in retail today and how your organization can adapt to a changing competitive sphere.

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