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Guide to Sentiment Analysis

[Featured guide] How to deploy sentiment analysis at your organization

It is no longer practical in 2022 to think about customer experience without text analytics. This complete guide helps you start getting essential customer insights with impact. You’ll learn about:

  • Why AI-powered sentiment analysis matters
  • How sentiment analysis fits into your customer journey
  • Whether you should buy or build a solution
  • 5 things to consider to get executive buy-in
  • Questions to ask a software provider
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How to boost the power of consumer feedback with AI tools

Brought to you by Keatext in collaboration with Sampler, this guide covers the value of consumer feedback and how to harness it as a powerful tool for improving products, service, and customer experience within the retail and CPG sectors. You’ll read about:

  • Trust in the ecommerce era
  • Post-pandemic consumer trends
  • Where testing and sampling fit in
  • Making consumer feedback actionable with AI data analysis
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All you need to know about AI for customer experience in 2021

This guide to artificial intelligence and customer experience outlines how to bring AI into every aspect of CX and use these tools to design and deliver empathetic and meaningful experiences across the customer journey. You’ll read about:

  • Defining AI through a CX lens
  • Charting a personalized customer journey with AI
  • AI platforms tailor-made for CX
  • Choosing the right AI tools for your organization
  • Making AI a part of your CX strategy
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Retail report: Why review data should lead marketing strategies today

Today, as more and more retail brands face a struggle for survival—shuttering their brick-and-mortar stores and losing revenue in the process—making the shift from in-store to online sales has never been so urgent and so necessary. This report explains:

  • Where data fits into retail industry changes
  • How to leverage customer feedback
  • Why review data should lead marketing today
  • How data connects brands to customers
  • How to move into the future with AI analysis
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Text analytics is reshaping the future of retail: What you need to know today

In the retail arena, consumers don’t only want to buy things—they want to emotionally connect with other people through brands. This guide explains the importance of applying AI data analysis to swiftly and accurately understand customers’ needs, desires and experiences by looking at how to:

  • Forecast industry challenges and trends
  • Map the customer journey with data-driven insights
  • Create personalized experiences
  • Establish clear leading indicators
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Improve guest satisfaction with text analytics

Consumer review sites, social networks and other forms of online communication represent a goldmine of actionable information that comes directly from customers, including hotel guests who have never filled out a survey. This guide explains the measurable impact advances in AI text analytics can have on:

  • Breaking down data silos
  • Improving guest satisfaction
  • Fostering brand loyalty
  • Refining crisis management
  • Accelerating the development of new services
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Everything you always wanted to know about text analytics for market research

The last decade has seen the popularization and development of sentiment analysis and text analytics tools that allow businesses to identify relevant issues conveyed in comments and feedback. This guide has been created to help professionals working in market research understand the offerings of the text analytics market. You’ll learn about:

  • Structured vs. unstructured data
  • Text analytics vs. text mining
  • Machine vs. deep learning
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How to boost CX from inside your company

CX strategy cultivates relationships between your customers and your company throughout the customer journey. To do this successfully over the long-term, companies need to understand themselves as experience creators. This guide offers insights on how to implement effective CX by making five key organizational shifts:

  • Make CX a company-wide issue
  • Implement CX-oriented processes and procedures
  • Gain customer loyalty at a transactional level
  • Collect, analyze and share the right data
  • Make surveys work for CX, then follow up on them
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Beauty and the AI beast

With recent breakthroughs in AI technology, beauty brands now have the power to turn real-time, unstructured data into meaning – and customers expect that insight to be reflected in the products and brands they love. You’ll learn about:

  • How AI is changing the face of the beauty industry
  • Why text analytics matters for deeper customer insights
  • How to turn AI into a loyalty-building, competitive edge and increase revenue
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