Best of breed AI-powered text analytics solution for your platform

Provide instant insights to your customers, whether you’re a Voice of Customer (VoC) or Voice of Employee (VoE) platform. Experience seamless integration via our single-page app or our API connectors.

How to integrate with Keatext

  1. A personalized, ready-to-integrate application

    Keatext offers a powerful single-page AI-driven text analytics application that can be customized and integrated within an existing platform. It can also be branded with your unique look and feel, then sold or licensed as your own stand-alone AI-powered feedback-interpretation software.
  2. Open API allows building analytics features into your product

    By connecting to Keatext’s various APIs – text analytics, aggregation, normalization, knowledge management and administration – you will instantly incorporate advanced analytics capabilities into your existing product. You can then sell or license the combined product or service as your own.

Why partner with us

  1. The most advanced AI in the market

    Keatext is based on over 20 years of R&D in machine learning, deep learning and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and has gathered a rich knowledge base that is continually growing and improving. Without any time investment or risk on your end, our expertise provides high-accuracy results (above 90% f-measure) that eliminate blind spots when seeking to understand customer experience. Our system needs no maintenance, so you can focus on what you do best.
  2. Easy onboarding and practical tools

    Keatext provides training and a full suite of brandable documentation to help users onboard our technology and interface. We also offer support tools such as marketing collaterals, sales tools and videos, and a support line to assist your sales and marketing teams and integrators.
  3. Cost-effective

    There are no upfront costs when integrating Keatext. As partners, we will share all profits made from analyzing your customer surveys. We’re prepared to discuss discounts based on volume.
  4. Secure and confidential

    Keatext complies with the highest security standards provided by Amazon Web Services. Databases are protected by a firewall that prevents access by anyone who isn’t a Keatext database administrator.

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