How VOE Analysis Keeps 18,000 Employees Safe [Case Study]

Keatext's sentiment analysis for VOE enabled a major spacecraft manufacturer to identify key safety issues hidden within employee feedback.

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Safety is a key priority for most industries, but when your company builds spacecraft and sends astronauts to space in them, employee safety takes on a whole new meaning. That’s why, every two years, this global spacecraft manufacturer sends out an extensive survey to its entire staff.

At the heart of the survey is this question: How do employees feel about the company’s safety culture?

“We’re looking at how people who work here view safety,” says their Procurement Quality Assurance Specialist. “Do they feel like whether they’re on a plane or in an office, they have the tools they need to do their job safely every day?”

After completing her last survey, she reached out to Keatext for support in contextualizing and analyzing the vast amounts of free-form text generated from their open-ended questions. Here’s how we powered her efforts to extract actionable insights from a crucially important dataset.

1. What Are The Text Analytics Requirements for VOE?

To get a better sense of how Keatext’s advanced text analytics technology can transform their process, it’s worth taking the time to understand how these kinds of surveys have traditionally been analyzed and evaluated.

  1. A survey is created in which each question has an option to write an open-ended response.
  2. The survey is distributed to their 18,000+ employees.
  3. The open-ended answers are manually read by a select group of people who represent each division.
  4. The group is tasked with interpreting the unstructured data to the best of their ability.
  5. The group identifies insights and themes and shares them with relevant management teams.

2. Why They Chose Keatext’s VOE Analysis Solution

While her responsive support team played a pivotal role in the Procurement Quality Assurance Specialist’s decision to test Keatext’s technology, that served as a powerful incentive. After easily uploading and analyzing an initial dataset, she gained a high level of context and insight within just a few minutes, which really impressed her. With Keatext’s simple visualization tools, she was able to quickly communicate insights to colleagues and managers company-wide.

The speed at which Keatext works is really kind of astounding. Rather than spending months and devoting six to eight people to the task, we upload it and 20 minutes later, we have results.

3. How They Scaled VOE Analysis

After their initial positive experience, her team was eager to see what Keatext could do with a broader range of unstructured employee feedback, which they knew contained valuable information. Over the last few months, they have been gradually implementing Keatext’s text analytics platform across different departments.

To their delight, they have found it to be surprisingly user-friendly, even for the members of the team who aren’t so tech-savvy. But what’s really made an impression, she says, is the speed.

“This round, we had 672 surveys, however, the larger divisions had double or triple that amount, and they’re still manually reading every single comment. Now they have a secondary source to see if the tool is validating what they’re thinking. The speed at which Keatext works is really kind of astounding. Rather than spending months and devoting six to eight people to the task, we upload it and 20 minutes later, we have results.”

4. How Keatext Integrates into Their Organization

The HR team is preparing to input, process and analyze the feedback in the latest round of responses from their latest survey. From there, she says, they hope to implement Keatext’s analytics across all departments and use the information they uncover to establish clear ways to take tangible actions.

Some departments are considering applying Keatext’s algorithms to the data from four previous surveys, with the goal of identifying long-term trends and shifting concerns.

By choosing an AI-driven approach and dramatically reducing the time spent analyzing and interpreting mountains of unstructured data, their HR team can focus on what matters most: fostering a culture that maintains a high level of employee safety through listening, understanding, astute decision-making, careful risk management and improved company-wide communication.

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