Become a Keatext Technology Partner

Integrate a powerful text analytics application within your existing platform.

We use the most advanced AI technology to uncover new knowledge from unstructured customer feedback. Find out how Keatext delivers the fastest time-to insights using machine learning and deep learning and what this means for your clients, and your business.

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Key Features for Technology Partners

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A ready-to-integrate single page application

You have the data, we help your customers make sense of it. Keatext offers you the opportunity to integrate a powerful text analytics single-page application within your existing platform,allowing you to benefit from a rich knowledge base, proven deep-learning algorithms and a thoughtful user experience. You can also choose to create your own user experience and still take advantage of our advanced text analytics capabilities by connecting to our various APIs(text analytics, aggregation, normalization, knowledge management and administration.)

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Multilingual and context-relevant

Keatext has an advanced understanding of everyday human communication in over 100 languages with different maturity levels. The platform is fully proficient in English, French, Arabic and Spanish and helps you get context-relevant insights. Our algorithm automatically adjusts to industry-specific conversations and is sensitive to dialects, abbreviations and other language subtleties, which helps you get to accurate analysis you can use.

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Personalized look and feel for your business

Our personalization service allows you to brand Keatext to your own look and feel and sell or license it as your own stand-alone AI powered feedback interpretation software.

We also offer an OEM licence, allowing you to incorporate Keatext into your own software or solution. You can then sell or license the combined product or service as your own.

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The most advanced AI you can get

Tap into an ever growing rich knowledge base for utmost accuracy and unbiased insights from large volumes of feedback data. Keatext has used machine learning to gather a rich knowledge base over a number of years that is continually growing and improving. This gives you accurate results that reveal customer experience blind spots without any time investment and risk on your end. Our system needs no maintenance so you can focus on what you do best.


Easy onboarding and practical tools

Keatext offers a number of training and support tools such as brochures, videos and a support line to assist your sales teams market and integrators. We also provide training and a full suite of documentation to help users onboard our technology and interface.

Why become a Keatext Technology Partner

Personalized look and feel

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Keatext offers a seamless user experience for your customers by allowing them to stay on your labelled service.

Accurate insights

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Tap into a rich, ever growing knowledge base which is the outcome of years of development and AI expertise in machine learning and deep learning.

Frees up your team

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Augment your offering with a powerful AI-engineered feedback interpretation platform. Keatext automatically reads, understands, clusters, correlates and tracks, getting better each second, while your teams are fully dedicated to being responsive.

Ready to go


Setting up an AI system is a considerable undertaking for any business. Keatext reveals customer experience blind spots from unstructured feedback without the need for keywords, lexicons or dictionaries. This means no setup or maintenance is required!

Secure and confidential

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Keatext complies with the highest security standards, provided by Amazon Web Services. Databases are protected by a firewall that prevents access by anyone who is not a Keatext database administrator.

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