Empower your clients with cutting-edge AI technology

We designed Keatext’s Reseller Partner Program with your agency’s growth acceleration in mind. Our mission is to empower your internal research, strategic and creative teams with the most advanced AI. Our platform quickly interprets unstructured feedback data (such as open-survey questions, online reviews, chat logs and social media posts) and provides instant clarity on the voice of your clients’ customers, ultimately driving your clients down the road to success.

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How Keatext works

With Keatext, no preloading is needed and no setup or maintenance is required. Keatext is SaaS and ready to use, with the ability to scale as your needs evolve. Be up and running in three simple steps.

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Collect your data from multiple channels

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Upload the data into Keatext

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Navigate through rich, reliable, powerful insights


Why partner with us

  1. Efficient and cost-effective AI platform

    Manual coding and analyzing unstructured feedback data is long, complex and costly. Keatext does all the hard work for you using deep learning and machine learning.

  2. Insights you can trust

    By tapping into a rich and ever-growing knowledge base, Keatext helps you access unbiased insights instantly, revealing blind spots that humans and other analytics tools might not detect.

  3. Personalized look and feel for your business

    You can personalize Keatext to increase the quality of your offering, retain ownership of your service and remain competitive in your market.

  4. Separate accounts for better client service

    Keatext empowers your account management team by enabling them to create a separate account for each client and to bill clients individually when necessary.


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