From customer feedback to customer experience
in under 5 minutes

Keatext helps you identify the areas of business improvement with
the biggest immediate impact on customer satisfaction.

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You’ve got great customer support…

                                                                                        …and you’re capturing tons of customer feedback

 But what if you could take all those support tickets,
call center transcripts, emails, survey responses
and chat logs and instantly obtain an accurate
view of what matters to your customers?

A path to actionable insights that is
instant and affordable

Cloud-based = immediate implementation + low cost – risk

Analyze and understand—in minutes—the abundance of
customer feedback coming through different channels. No need
for consultants. No need for IT specialists. No need for
customization. It’s that simple.

Build on top of your customer
support infrastructure

Plug in or upload

Connect to market-leading CRM’s like Zendesk and Salesforce
to give you the shortest time to insights. Working with CSV files?
Upload your data to get started fast.

Evaluating customer feedback analysis solutions?

…there’s an endless list of methods and tools

We put together this guide to help you choose the right solution to help
you create a great customer experience and
differentiate your brand from the competition.