Keatext Returns to Product Hunt with Powerful Text Analytics Platform Updates

Since its initial launch on Product Hunt eight years ago, Keatext’s text analytics platform has evolved into a comprehensive solution that supports CX professionals at every stage of the customer feedback analysis process.

Montréal, Canada – 9 July 2024 – Keatext, an advanced text analytics software provider, today announced a major update to its offering on Product Hunt. Eight years after its initial launch on the marketplace, Keatext returns with a comprehensive solution designed to empower CX professionals at every stage of the customer feedback analysis process.

“Customer experience is a constantly evolving field,” says Narjès Boufaden, Founder and CEO, Keatext. “We’ve listened closely to the needs of CX analysts and built a platform that addresses their core challenges – specifically, the need for a unified way to collect, analyze, and act on valuable customer insights.”

Keatext offers a three-step approach to support the end-to-end work of CX professionals:

  • Collect: Unify customer feedback from diverse sources, including reviews, surveys, and contact center interactions, into a single, centralized platform.
  • Analyze: Uncover key drivers of customer satisfaction and pinpoint impactful areas influencing metrics like NPS, CSAT, and star ratings.
  • Act: Gain actionable insights and recommendations generated by GPT to improve customer experiences across your organization.

What Makes Keatext Different?

  • Unmatched Speed to Insight: Keatext prioritizes efficiency, offering rapid setup times and swift access to valuable insights. Keatext’s AI model eliminates the need for training on customer’s data or setting up dictionaries or lexicons, allowing users to upload data and discover relevant business-specific insights within minutes.
  • Self-Serve Customizable Dashboards: Keatext empowers users with self-serve dashboards that enable powerful and adaptable data visualization. Apply granular or global filters, and save and share dashboards tailored for managers, executives, clients, or any other stakeholder groups.
  • AI-Powered Reporting: Keatext takes user experience to the next level by generating reports that summarize key findings and actionable recommendations derived from provided data, all powered by GPT. These ready-made reports can be shared instantly across the organization.

Join Keatext on Product Hunt Today!

Keatext invites the Product Hunt community to explore the power of its next-generation text analytics platform. Go to Keatext’s launch page on Product Hunt to learn more and discover how Keatext can revolutionize the way you approach customer experience.

About Keatext

Keatext’s advanced text analytics platform empowers businesses to elevate customer experiences. By analyzing both structured and unstructured feedback, Keatext identifies key drivers of satisfaction and generates actionable, natural language recommendations to enhance customer experiences. The platform’s self-serve, customizable dashboards allow for powerful data visualization, and insights and recommendations can be shared with a convenient, downloadable report. Leveraging proprietary text and sentiment analysis, the platform pinpoints the factors that significantly impact customer satisfaction scores like NPS, CSAT, and star ratings. To learn more, visit, read the Keatext blog, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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