Up your CX ante.

When it comes to improving KPIs like NPS, CSAT, and churn, it’s all about customer experience!

That’s where we come in: helping your CX team quickly and easily analyze qualitative data (think surveys and reviews) to fully get what your customers are saying - and ultimately turn that into a responsive CX program.

Why Keatext?

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    Get a multi-channel view

    Combine your survey responses, feedback, and other customer interactions to get a comprehensive view of your CX data.

    Your Keatext dashboard highlights customer sentiment and concerns in aggregate and by channel.

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    Ace your KPIs

    Back your CX programs with qualitative data from unstructured text to improve metrics like NPS and CSAT.

    Keatext's analytics allow you to view correlations between your metadata.

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    Reduce customer churn

    Identify what’s hidden in your unstructured text to build proactive CX programs that retain customers and build loyalty.

    Keatext's interface helps you prioritize negative feedback quickly.

Case studies

Driving product improvements at BRP

BRP needed to leverage 10 years worth of surveys and call centre transcripts in both French and English to drive product improvements based on VoC.

Keatext’s AI transformed BRP’s messy data into quick reports and metrics, uncovering unexpected issues that were incorporated into product changes.

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Prioritizing customers in crisis management

This manufacturing company needed to address a safety risk in a product that affected 15,000 customers – an issue that also involved multiple departments.

With Keatext, they analyzed surveys and discovered key insights in how customers responded to the product recall announcement.

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