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Keatext add-ons

Upgrade your Keatext subscription with our premium add-ons. Designed to support your strategic vision, these services will empower your team to get the most out of your data.


No in-house data experts? We've got you covered!

Our team of engineers and information analysts are available to perform a data deep-dive. Depending on your unique needs, we can collect and correlate the data for you using publicly available sources (such as social media or review site comments), craft custom dashboards that offer actionable insights and useful correlations, or provide you with personalized onboarding training to help you get the most of Keatext services. Only available for Keatext clients.

Data acquisition and cleansing

  • Public data collection
  • Migration from existing tools
  • Custom connectors
  • CSV reformatting
  • Data analysis and dashboards

  • Single and multichannel dashboards
  • Public data dashboards
  • Competitor analysis
  • Deep-dive reports
  • Product onboarding and user training

  • Product onboarding 101
  • Advanced product training
  • Product adoption program
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