AI-powered text analytics platform for feedback interpretation

Keatext synthesizes in seconds large volumes of unstructured feedback from multiple channels (such as open-survey questions, online reviews, chat logs and social media posts) to produce actionable insights delivered on one comprehensive custom dashboard.

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How to use Keatext

With Keatext, no preloading is needed and no setup or maintenance is required. Keatext is SaaS and ready to use, with the ability to scale as your needs evolve. Be up and running in three simple steps.

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Collect your data from multiple channels

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Upload the data into Keatext

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Navigate through rich, reliable, powerful insights


Our platform’s features

Multichannel analysis

Benefit from a holistic view of your feedback data, collected from all key touchpoints such as your website, call centers, stores, mobile app and social media.

Opinion and sentiment analysis

Obtain an accurate analysis and the instant categorization of customer feedback into Praise, Problems, Suggestions and Questions.

Multilingual processing

Profit from our platform’s proficiency in English, French, Spanish and Arabic, and its capabilities to develop new languages quickly.

Trend detection

Be alerted to positive or negative trends and unusual data automatically identified by the platform.


Create watchlists to stay on top of topics that matter to you, then share them easily with a unique URL.


Remove unwanted feedback and block it from appearing in future results by including it in the blacklist.

Exportable custom dashboards

Create custom dashboard views and export the resulting data in a CSV file.

Advanced data filtering

Narrow your results to achieve deeper segmentation by creating custom filters based on your metadata categories and relevant keywords.

Granular time comparison

Monitor the evolution of your customers’ opinions and the results of the actions you’ve taken thanks to the platform’s ability to host your data and track progress over time.

Automatic grouping

Increase your productivity through the automatic bundling of feedback data into groups identified by the platform, which you can personalize to meet your business requirements.

Automatic correlations

Let Keatext find hidden connections between comments and your metadata.

Plug-and-play platform

Be up and running in minutes with no setup or maintenance required.

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