Integrate Zendesk with Keatext

Identify and prioritize top customer issues from your support tickets in Zendesk.

Seamless text analytics integration

Authenticate Zendesk with Keatext

Connect to Zendesk from Keatext’s Sources page by entering your Zendesk subdomain and authenticating Keatext.


Configure and import Zendesk data

Select the start date and other metadata for the ticket comments you want to ingest in Keatext on an ongoing basis.


Identify insights and key drivers

Ticket comments are pushed from Zendesk to Keatext automatically for industry-agnostic text analysis.


Text analytics layer for support ticket insights

Instantly process new support ticket comments in Zendesk and uncover themes, intent, sentiment, and context to strengthen your analysis and prioritize issues.

Key driver analysis and recommendations

Get AI-based recommendations to improve customer satisfaction by leveraging CSAT and NPS data to predict impact. Keatext’s SWOT quadrant provides an easy visualization of top issues.

Create multiple dynamic dashboards

Build, customize, and share Keatext’s interactive dashboards. Dive down into the customer verbatims behind Keatext’s support ticket analysis to better understand customer pain points.

We’re a Zendesk Partner app

Certified by the Zendesk team

Keatext is a certified app on the Zendesk marketplace, making it a secure and reliable solution for your support ticket analysis.

Native cloud-based integration

Keatext is hosted in the cloud and connects directly to Zendesk through an API, without using third party tools.

Full documentation and team support

Keatext's help docs and customer support to make your integration setup as smooth as possible.

See the Zendesk integration in action

Book a demo with our team to explore the Keatext-Zendesk
integration for support ticket analysis.