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There’s no better way to experience a software platform than to explore it on your own.

As a customer feedback analysis solution, Keatext has a lot to discover: insights, trends, recommendations, dashboards, and reports – all generated instantly from your customer data.

At Keatext, we don’t hide what we love about the platform we’re building. This is a platform that we are confident will help you and your team improve your day to day operations and ultimately be a catalyst for data-driven, customer-centric change at your organization.

That’s why we built our free trial experience.

Experience Keatext with sample data

By default, your free trial is set up with a sample dataset of customer reviews from Uber Eats, all processed with Keatext’s powerful text analytics.

Imagine you’re an analyst at Uber Eats. You need to find top customer issues and plan what to do about them. Keatext helps you:

  • Identify key weaknesses in your customer experience
  • Explore big insights on a customizable dashboard
  • Get exact recommendations of what to address first

Go ahead and see what you could do about Uber Eats’ customer experience in your free trial.

Or, if you’re anything like us, you’d love to test a customer experience solution like ours with your own customer data. After all, this is the best way to get meaningful input on whether or not the solution is right for you.

Upload your own customer data

We know how valuable uploading your own data can be in your journey to find the best analysis solution for your business.

You might be looking to answer these kinds of questions with firsthand experience:

  • How long does it take to get insights when I upload data?
  • What kind of insights can I get?
  • Are the insights relevant to my business?
  • …And maybe most importantly: Did I learn something new about my customers?

These are important questions to assess, whether you’re the decision maker yourself or gathering info to bring to your team and manager.

By analyzing your customer data with Keatext, you get:

  • Recommendations to improve your customer experience
  • An executive summary of insights that you can download
  • A shareable dashboard that you can customize

These are proofs you can use to validate Keatext and share with other members of your team or upper management.

Book a demo with a product expert who can show you how to upload your data and get insights that we hope will inform your next steps in getting the right solution for your business.

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