Sandbox access: Introducing Keatext’s new free trial experience

Keatext's text and sentiment analysis tool is available for a free trial as a sandbox platform with a preloaded dataset for you to explore.

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There’s no better way to experience a software platform than to explore it on one’s own. With Keatext’s new free trial sandbox of our sentiment analysis tool, prospective users have the opportunity to walk through the platform at their own pace.

After creating a Keatext account, users enter the platform for the first time and receive a guided product tour to introduce them to the layout, navigation, and features of the platform. Complete with a preloaded dataset, the free trial sandbox allows users to instantly explore what Keatext has to offer.

A sentiment analysis tool at your fingertips

With almost 3000 Amazon reviews for 9 espresso machine brands contained in the sandbox’s preloaded dataset, Keatext’s ability to analyze large volumes of feedback shines. On the standard dashboard that comes with the free trial sandbox, users can quickly filter by brand, product, or date range to see:

  • sentiment score,
  • product overview and rating,
  • top topics and opinions,
  • and top positive and negative comments.

From here, users can navigate to the analysis page to drill further down into the data by creating filters, applying tags, and comparing date ranges.

With sandbox access, prospective users can dive into whichever features interest them the most based on what they would like to do with their own data in Keatext. To upload their own data to Keatext, users can reach out to the sales team and request a proof of concept.

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